You Make a Difference!

How YOU Make the Difference

Despite the trying nature of the past couple of years, the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee (WFET) has come out okay. Beyond okay – and we can only thank YOU for it! Our fundraising has continued to surpass expectations, due to our committed donors and friends and their unwavering support of our mission. An additional part of this success comes from the original idea of our founding women, who recognized early on that, in order to sustain our vision, we would need structure in our fundraising that allowed for income in perpetuity; that is, separation of annual operational funds and an endowment.

To endow is to provide with a permanent fund or source of income. Why is this type of giving important? The answer is simple: It guarantees our future, or really the future of those women and girls whose lives are positively impacted by our efforts. For WFET specifically, our ability to make grants through our endowment funds has continued to impact our capacity to create change for low-income women and girls in the areas we serve. The endowment ensures that money will be available to support needed programs and services in the long run. That is certainly the goal at WFET – to have long-term stability so that we can keep doing what we do best.

A common misconception is that “I do not make enough money to give to an endowment fund.” Yet, anyone can, and at any level of giving. While we at WFET have several programs and events to which you can earmark your donation, we hope you will consider our endowment fund. This is our future, your future, our community’s future. This financial viability matters to those whom we support – every single low-income woman and girl working hard to become self-sustaining.

Make a difference TODAY!

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