How to Get Involved

YOU can get involved and support the WFET mission in a number of ways. Volunteer at one of our annual events – or follow this link to give at whatever level is comfortable for you. Thank you for Helping Us Help Her!

Lifetime Members


Gifts of $100,000 or more


$10,000 to $99,999


Gifts through will or planned arrangement

Annual Members

The Women’s Fund relies on a strong tradition of annual leadership giving to support the network/grant making, advocacy, awareness and operations programs that keep the Women’s Fund strong, resourceful, and impactful until our endowment is self-sufficient.


$1,000 to $9,999 annually


$365 annually


$100 to $364 annually

Founding Members

The Women’s Fund gratefully acknowledges our Founding Members, women and men who envisioned the impact of women’s foundations in creating social change for low-income women and girls across the U.S. Their generous pledges formed the cornerstone of the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee Endowment, breaking down barriers and allowing impactful grant making to persist today.

Joan D. Allen

Moll Anderson

Ann Bailey

Betsy Beaver

Marty & Jim Begalla

Mrs. Sandy Bertelkamp

Mary Ellen & Steven Brewington

Cynthia Burnley & Bob Riser

Betsey Bush

Chapman Family Foundation

Lauren Chiles, M.D.

Melissa Chiles, M.D.

Kay Clayton

Michelle Moore Clayton

Bobbie Congleton

Kelly Conley

Cindi DeBusk

Patte Earley

Catherine Gilreath M.D.

Lucy and Louise Gump

Lucy Hand

Janet & Tom Harper

Dee & Jimmy Haslam

Natalie & Jim Haslam

Mrs. Jacqueline Holdbrooks

Valda H. Jones

Annette S. Kitchen

Linda R. MacLean and Sara Grace MacLean

A. David & Sandy. Martin

Sheena McCall

Mrs. Pace McCamy

Alice & Charlie Mercer

Sharon Miller Pryse

M. Denise Moretz

Linda Ogle

Jo Ann Parker

Katharine Pearson Criss

Paige & Taylor Preston

Anne B. and James W. Reel

Gray Wilkes Roberts, Mary Margaret Roberts Donato, and Lauren Gray Roberts

Hanley Roach

Dorothy H. Roddy

Sheryl and George Sampson

Carolyn Schwenn

Mrs. Harry Stowers

Juanita Wilkes Summers

Kristi & Morgan Thomas

Sunshine Lady Foundation

Sarah T. Tarver

Chris Testerman, M.D.

Leslie Testerman

Alice Torbett

Carol & Bedford Transou

Gwendolyn Wallace

Christine Patterson Winter

Brenda Wood

Thank You for your generous support of the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee

“What a privilege to join others in service to the amazing women and girls of our communities in East Tennessee! Working collaboratively with other non-profits is a unique and effective approach, and advocating for change is my favorite part of the work we do at the Women’s Fund.”

-Susie Whitener

Women’s Fund 2024 Board Chair