View from Trout Lily

Here begins the story of “Trout Lily” and sisters-in-law, Peggy and Gwen Wallace of Johnson City. They are friends of artist, Coralie Tweed and learned that Coralie had painted “View from Trout Lily” for Journeys VII and it was available for purchase. Gwen began her planning to buy it as a gift for Peggy which she did at the Opening Reception August 29. Peggy and her late husband, Lee, had owned the Trout Lily Farm since the late 80’s and had hosted family picnics, Christmas time gatherings and the recognition of many special occasions. It holds such special memories.

“I aim to achieve a sense of timelessness in my work, hoping that my paintings will evoke a mood for the viewer that these are places one has been before,” said Coralie Tweed. This was certainly in her mind and memory when she painted ” View from Trout Lily.” It was exhibited at Journeys VII and won First Place at Journeys VII .

Gwen Wallace is one of the original Women’s Fund Founders and has entered some of her art in early Journeys of Women Shows. She continues her support through her purchases of Journeys Art and now through her purchase of “Trout Lily” and exemplifies the characteristic of generosity. “Trout Lily” which now hangs over Peggy’s fireplace will continue to stir memories for her and Gwen and Coralie when they visit.

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