Recommended Reading: Find Your Way Home

Find Your Way Home: Words from the Street, Wisdom from the Heart

Written by: Becca Stevens

Significance: Becca Stevens spoke at the 2014 luncheon. Becca is a Nashville native, Thistle Farms owner, and founder of Magdalene- a Nashville home for women overcoming drug abuse, prostitution and/or incarceration.

Storyline: The book articulates 24 principles that guide the Magdalene community in its effort to live graciously together. Each principle is a tiny chapter, exploring themes like coming together, showing hospitality, losing gracefully and loving without judgment. Each principle is followed by a woman’s personal recollection of life before Magdalene, her experience with the community and sometimes advice or encouragement.

“Stevens describes the book as ‘an open letter written to friends and strangers, inviting them to keep love alive and to offer it to others.’ Even if readers do not share the history of abuse and extraordinary difficulties these women face, the rules and anecdotes speak to feelings of loss, the relief of love and the comfort of finding home.” – Publishers Weekly

This book will engage Women’s Fund members from the start knowing the author spoke at the Women’s Fund 3rd Annual Luncheon, lives in Nashville, and has an impactful program located just a few hours away.

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