Don’t Just Go, Finish! Grad Scholars Meet the Challenge

A guest blog from Cynthia Manning-Dirl

Knox Education Foundation Pathways Manager

It’s Graduation Season! Congratulations to all our Project GRAD Scholars for meeting the challenge, “Don’t Just Go, Finish!”

In honor of their accomplishment, we provide them with an authentic Kente cloth stole embroidered “Don’t Just Go, Finish!” on one side and “GRAD Knoxville” on the other as a keepsake for their hard work. Our Scholars look forward to receiving this memento to wear proudly in their post-secondary photos and graduation ceremony.

It takes a village to support and encourage our students as they pursue their post-secondary pathways, and we are honored to have been a part of their village along the way. For some, this village started in elementary school while for others, it may have started once they entered high school, but regardless of the start time, we share in their families’ excitement and joy as they walk across their post-secondary stage to receive their credentials. We join classmates, teachers, principals, GRAD Summer Institute directors and faculty in celebrating them. Here are our graduates for Summer & Fall 2022:

We wish them all well on their next adventure whether it’s graduate studies or entering into the workforce. We know they will do well! CONGRATULATIONS SCHOLARS!

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