How Our Funding Works

The Women’s Fund of East Tennessee is one of the only funds in East Tennessee dedicated to a regional approach in network building and grant making providing donors the highest and best usage of our resources.

How does the Women’s Fund work?

We pool our financial gifts, allowing donors to maximize their impact. Our approach involves understanding the specific needs of women and girls in the region and identifying targeted funding areas with lasting effects.

We actively advocate for change, addressing issues such as violence against women and barriers to education. Through rigorous research, collaboration, vetting, and agency development, we enhance the capacity of organizations to create meaningful change in overcoming key obstacles to self-sustainability for low-income women and girls.

The Women’s Fund of East Tennessee focuses on “Access to Education (with Mentoring),” guiding our funding recommendations. We tap into the collective strength of the Tennessee Women’s Fund Alliance (TWFA) and the national Women’s Funding Network (WFN). Rigorous analysis of our investments ensures accountability and measures success.

How is the Women’s Fund different?

As a distinctive force in East Tennessee, the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee stands out as a dedicated fund committed to regional network building and grant making, offering donors optimal utilization of resources. Through meticulous research, we strategically identify funding focuses, enabling the Women’s Fund to be adaptable and responsive to the evolving needs of low-income women and girls. Notably, we are among the few funding sources in East Tennessee that provide this level of flexibility. Fueled and propelled by our community of supporters, the Fund engages individuals, fostering authentic connections to both the challenges and solutions at hand.