2017 Board Members Speak Out

Rosa Mar – “The world has come a long way in terms of women’s advocacy and the contributions of women as a whole. Even so, there is still a long way to go to deal with the myriad of obstructions that girls/women deal with day to day. That is why I joined the Women’s Fund to promote advocacy, mentorship and raise money to continue the forward progress for girls and women.”

Becky Paylor – “I became interested in The Women’s Fund initially because of its Executive Director, Terry Morgan and knowing her heart for all of God’s creation. I agreed to join the Board, because of my own heart and the empathy I have for underserved, undereducated women and girls in East TN. I believe the Women’s Fund is a great catalyst to identifying and improving those lives and I want to be a part of helping make that happen.”

Suzanne Prince – “I agreed to serve because I really believe in our mission of helping low income women and girls. My parents instilled in my sister and me from a very young age that to whom much is given, much is expected. They sacrificed to give us every opportunity to succeed in our lives. I feel like it is my responsibility to now do all I can to work to remove barriers so that the women we serve can have the same opportunities to succeed.”

Linda Spence – “After volunteering with the WFET for three years as a member of the Research and Grants Committee, I joined the Board of Directors. I accepted this position because I feel passionate about the mission of the Women’s Fund and have been inspired by the dedication and professionalism of the organization as well as the hard working all volunteer board.”

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